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Welcome to 2k75! Do you want to know what is 2k75 and why it is for? Or who own this website? All of your question will be answered here! So let's start it :)

What is 2k75 

2k75 is the one of the best futuristic website. That made to teach people about future world. To give people a purpose of living. Those who want to lead an virtual life, want to earn enough money from home. 2k75 it the light barrier for them. We will teach people future tech! Also help them to don't do any mistake in the future that destroy this world! With the support of people we will add more service and help in our website. 

The owner of this site

It was started by and ordinary diploma engineering student. His name is Bayjid Bustami  Want to know more about bayjid bustami? He is the founder of, and, and managed lots of websites. Bayjid Bustami is trying to be SEO pro. He is also a link building expert! know more about him

Now he is working on 2k75 with his experience of two years. InshaAllah something great will be happed with him and this site. If this project goes successful I hope many youth will be benefited by this. 

Social Appearance of this site

As we started our journey in 2022, we are not so much popular in social media. At present we are only active on facebook. And we already reached more then 14,000 people within 15 days! Now we have more then 10,000 likes of our facebook page. 

If you want to stay updated then like our page on facebook by the username of the2k75 . 

Who is managing this

At present all of this is managing by one person. All of these mean creating plan, choose keyword, write content, doing SEO, building link, social and many more. Obviously that person is Bayjid bustami.

Plans of 2k75

Nowadays our goal is to post more then 50 posts.  (We already included various categories such as job, health, news, apk info and many more. Basically we are a multiniche websites. ) Then we will apply for google AdSense. InshaAllah  we will get it very soon! After getting AdSense we will do more then 100 and try to bring lot's of organic traffic from google search. Then will start working with our master plan. 

InshaAllah in the near future we will publish job circular for workless youth. Our main vacancy will be for content writers! If you want to work with us then start practicing content writing, this will be a great start of your bright future!

Thank you so much for staying with 2k75. Love you so much :)